Perfect St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut on the Wolfgangsee lake in Austria

It was another ideal day and an ideal place in Austria. Today photos from the smartphone, which in good weather are great. By the time the battery in my Canon 600D was already exhausted, unfortunately, but the photos will be in the next posts. Prepare for a dozens of photos.

This perfect place – St. Wolfgang – on the map:

The city is easily accessible by car from Salzburg. Just 50 minutes of ideal roads and stunning places and you’re in the right place.

St. Wolfgang, Austria

The city is very calm. It is famous for the fact that each building in the city is unique and you will hardly find two equally decorated houses.

View from the side of the lake towards the mountains.

The population of the city is only about 2900 people.

Restaurant, coffee, stunning views.

Few facts from Wikipedia:

Saint Wolfgang erected the first church at the shore of the Wolfgangsee after he withdrew to the nearby Mondsee Abbey in 976. According to legend he threw an axe down the mountain to find the site and even persuaded the Devil to contribute to the building by promising him the first living being ever entering the church. However Satan was disappointed as the first creature over the doorstep was a wolf.

After Wolfgang’s canonization in 1052, the church became a major pilgrimage site, as it was first mentioned in an 1183 deed by Pope Lucius III. In 1481 it was furnished with the famous Pacher polyptych. There had been several places for lodging around the church since medieval times, while the Weißes Rössl hotel was not built until 1878.

During World War II, a subcamp of the Dachau concentration camp was located here.

An interesting point is that inside the church there are tablets of all families that were related to the church of the St. Wolfgang. After the death on the plate minted the date and nailed it to the benches of the church.


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