Driving past the Croatian Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular cities in Croatia. In 2016 this city received a million tourist. We were in it several times and each time the city is struck by its history, the number of tourists and stunning views of the surrounding islands.

Dubrovnik on the map

Today I will show you 4 points with interesting views for tourists. Two points are on the road to Dubrovnik towards Montenegro. And two points in the immediate vicinity of the city, from which the most beautiful panoramas open.

The first point is the intersection of the autobahn and river. Very picturesque. This place is far from Dubrovnik, but very beautiful.

The next amazing place can be seen on the map below. It is rather difficult to pass by. there is a separate small parking for cars, where tourists often stop in order to make great photos.

Perfect views!

And after this two points you are 5 minutes to Dubrovnik. And the third place where you can take a panoramic photo is here:

Special thanks to the local authorities, who made a separate exit to the parking in this place. It is very convenient to photograph this beautiful historical city with its bright landscapes and huge ships.

When you leave the city behind you, at the end you can see a small road pocket on the left side. In it, you can leave the car and then scour the road and make some great photos.


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