Austrian St. Wolfgang from the top

We continue our mini-tour around the St. Wolfgang in Austria. In the last post we walked along the embankment and visited the church. Today we will rise a little over the city and look at the posh houses from above. As I wrote earlier – every house in this town is unique in its own way and you are unlikely to find two identical facades.

Our way up the slope.

Local residents are engaged in their usual daily affairs.

Clean, no garbage, everywhere the order.

Local sports club to the left.

But we are going to the right.


And finally we are here!

Perfect view! Fantastic view of Wolfgangsee lake!


Interesting, who lives here with such a nice view?

And here…

But, it’s time to go to the city and see some unique houses.

Flowers everywhere in Austria and other European countries. Fine tradition!

Souvenirs? Maybe new avatar 🙂

Famous church. We have been there in our last post.

Street cafe. And this is second tradition!

Flowers, flowers, flowers…


It is dated the 16th century!

Two hotels for example. Maybe you decide to attend this nice town.

Wish you a good luck! See you soon.


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